Xantrex Inverters, Inverter/Chargers, Battery Chargers

Xantrex Technology is a world leader manufacturer of advanced power electronic products and systems for the mobile power markets including: mobile inverters and commercial inverters, inverters/chargers, battery chargers and more.

All products are certified to comply with various regulatory testing standards like UL, CSA or CE to meet or exceed the applicable requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment. The company also uses an effective product evaluation method to test the robustness of each electronic design testing it under extreme thermal and mechanical conditions.

Xantrex power solutions include:

Power Inverters
Freedom X
Prowatt SW

Freedom Xi
Pro XM
Freedom XC
Freedom SW
Freedom HFS
Freedom HF
Battery Chargers


xantrex freedom x power inverter

Freedom X  
Premium performance, compact Inverter

xantrex prowatt sw power inverter

Prowatt SW
Compact & affordable Inverter

xantrex freedom xi power inverterFreedom Xi 

xantrex pro xm series power inverter Pro XM Series 1000/1800

  • 1000 & 1800 Watts – 120 Vac / 60 Hz
  • Built-in 15A circuit breaker to protect GFCI connected loads
  • Up to 15A/20A pass through for hardwired loads for XM1000 / XM1800 respectively

xantrex xpower inverter XPower
Mobile power for trucks, RVs, and boats

prosine inverter xantrex

Heavy duty, true sine wave inverters

  • 1000 & 1800 Watts
  • 12 & 24 Volts
  • True sine wave AC output


Freedom XCFreedom XC
Robust & compact Inverter Charger

  • True sine wave 120 Vac inverter/charger
  • 1000W/50A, 2000W/80A
  • Wide 10-18 VDC Input Range


xantrex freeedom sw power inverter Freedom SW
High surge, full featured Inverter Charger


xantrex freedom hfs power inverter

Freedom HFS


xantrex freedom hfs inverter charger

Freedom HF



TrueChargexantrex truecharge battery charger
High performance worldwide charger


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