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AT30 Battery Chargers

Product Overview

HindlePower AT30 Battery Chargers combine the performance and accuracy of a microprocessor with the reliability of SCR power conversion technology. Three Phase Input, 24, 48 & 130VDC Output. Ideal for all stationary battery charging utility applications.

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Standard Features AT30 Battery Chargers : 

  • 5 Year Product Warranty.
  • Universal main control board operates in any AT Series charger.
  • Alarm assembly with local LEDs and summary relay contact for AC Failure, DC Failure, High Vdc, Low dc, Positive(+) and Negative(-) ground.
  • High DC voltage shutdown.
  • Forced load share during parallel operation.
  • Float/equalize selector switch with indicating lights.
  • Manual equalize timer (0-255 hr.) with indicating lights.
  • AC line failure automatic equalize timer (0-255 hr.) with indicating light.
  • AC On indicating light.
  • 1% Digital LED meter for Vdc, Adc, timer hours and alarm settings.
  • 6 pulse rectification.
  • AC input and DC output circuitbreakers.
  • Membrane front panel.
  • Front panel controls can be disabled for security.
  • A redundant analog circuit for LDCV alarm, independent of the microprocessor.
  • Redundant control loops for higher reliability.
  • Local or remote voltage sense with redundancy to protect against remote sense failure.
  • Self-diagnostics.
  • Input & output MOV surge suppressors.
  • Reverse polarity protection via free wheeling diodes.
  • CU-AL I/O compression lugs.
  • Switchboard wire, UL VW-1.
  • Enclosure pre-treated using a 5-stage iron phosphate process with baked epoxy powder coating in ANSI 61 gray.

Safety & Acceptance: 

  • Meets NEMA PE 5-1996, PE  5-1997 (R2003) specification.
  • NEMA-1/IP20 type standard  enclosure.
  • Third party agency approvals CSA FCC CE