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Newmar Phase Three Battery Charger 12VDC 7A

Model: PT-7

Input 88-132 or 176-264VAC, 50-60Hz
Output 12VDC @ 7A, 2-Bank
Weight 3.2 lbs

Product Overview
Newmar Phase Three battery chargers feature a “Smart”technology available in a wide range of power levels, allowing you to select the right size, features and flexibility you require for virtually any application.

Standard Features : 
  • “Smart” circuitry provides three stage charging: bulk, absorption, float.
  • Wide model range covers battery system ratings from 14 - 950 amp-hours..
  • Gel-Cell/Flooded Lead-Acid/AGM battery type switch selects optimum charge/float voltages.
  • Multiple isolated output banks; ammeter indicates total output current (except PT-7).
  • Optional sensor adjusts output voltage based on battery temperature (except PT-7).   
  • Current limiting prevents damage from overloading.
  • Charger status clearly displayed with LED and/or audible indicators or optional remote panel.
  • Use as a power supply - can power loads without a battery in line.
  • Built to last - rugged stainless steel case with a durable white powder coat finish with drip shield and polyurethane coated internal circuitry.
  • Numerous safety and EMC compliances.
  • Two year parts and labor warranty.
Model Input Voltage VAC Output Voltage VDC Output Power Availability Quantity
PT-7 120VAC 12VDC 7 Amps Request Lead time
  • $329.00
PT-14W 90-265VAC 12VDC 14 Amps Request Lead time
  • $653.00
PT-25W 90-265VAC 12VDC 25 Amps Request Lead time
  • $800.00
PT-40U 90-265VAC 12VDC 40 Amps Request Lead time
  • $1,293.00
PT-80 90-265VAC 12VDC 80 Amps Request Lead time
  • $2,104.00
PT-24-8W 90-265VAC 24VDC 8 Amps Request Lead time
  • $681.00
PT-24-13W 90-265VAC 24VDC 13 Amps Request Lead time
  • $800.00
PT-24-20U 90-265VAC 24VDC 20 Amps Request Lead time
  • $1,288.00
PT-24-45U 90-265VAC 24VDC 45 Amps Request Lead time
  • $2,070.00
PT-24-60W 240VAC 24VDC 60 Amps Request Lead time
  • $2,852.00
PT-24-95U 90-265VAC 24VDC 95 Amps Request Lead time
  • $3,197.00

Substitute Products

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