Manufacturer brands

MDS Power is a distributor of the following brands:



·Stationary Battery Chargers: AT EVOAT10 & AT30
·Utility DC System Monitor
·Best Battery Selector  · DC Distribution




·Majorsine Utility & Telecom Power Inverters
·Majortel DC Power Systems ( 24, 48, 130 VDC)
·Majortel Critical & Redundant DC/DC Converters




·Mobile/Commercial Inverters: Freedom X,  Freedom HFS,  Freedom SW, Freedom Xi, Prowat SW, PRO XM, XPower
· Freedom XC & Freedom HF Inverter/Chargers
·TrueCharge2 Battery Chargers


ICT Power


·DC/DC Power Converters: Isolated 2, Site Converter Series,  Industrial Power Series
·Power Supplies: Digital Series, PRO Series, Comm Series, Modular Power Series, N+1
·Intellicharge Battery Chargers &   Inverters (Site Inverter Series)
·Intelligent DC Power Distribution: Distribution Series




·Heavy Duty VTC & VCH Voltage Converters
·Battery Chargers
·Rugged & Military Options


MDS Power brands


·Frequency Converters ( 400/60 Hz)
·Steel Mill Invertes (250VDC)
·130 VDC  Utility Power Systems



·Heavy-Duty Inverters: N Series & HV Series
·Inverter/Chargers: NP Series, MS Series & ME Series
·For Fleet & High Inrush applications




·Phase Three Battery Chargers
·DC Converters · DC UPS: Nav-Pac & StartGuard
·DST DC Power Distribution




·Tap Switching Power Conditioners
·Industrial Power Conditioning Transformers: Series 800 PI, Series 800 P2 & Series 700A
·LTN & LTN-3R Industrial Ferro UPS




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