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ATevo Battery Chargers

Product Overview

HindlePower ATevo Battery Charger represents the next generation of the AT Series product line. It is designed and manufactured with the same high quality and reliability as the AT10 & AT30 Series. 
Equipped with an easy to use interface with graphical LCD display, a configuration verification system and self-diagnostic tool, ATevo offers a more elegant and intuitive user experience.

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Standard Features ATevo Battery Chargers : 

  • 5 Year Product Warranty.
  • Universal main control board operates in any AT Series evo charger.
  • Standard Alarm Suite with LED indicators (AC failure, low DC voltage, high DC voltage, DC output failure, positive ground fault, negative ground fault).
  • Common alarm LED indicator (for all alarms including: low AC voltage, high AC voltage, end of discharge, low DC current).
  • Programmable summary relay contact that can be configured to indicate any or all alarm conditions.
  • Redundant analog circuit for High DC voltage detection independent of microprocessor control.
  • Microprocessor and analog High DC voltage detection methods can be enabled to shutdown charger.
  • Float and multiple equalize charging modes with LCD display indication.
  • Manual equalize timer (0-999 hr.)
  • AC line automatic failure equalize timer (0-255 hr.)
  • AC on indicator.
  • 0.5% Digital metering for Vdc and Adc measurements.
  • Graphical LCD display with LED backlight.
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers.
  • Password protection for security.
  • A redundant analog circuit for low level detect alarm, independent of the microprocessor.
  • Multiple processor design for exceptional reliability. 
  • Local or remote voltage sense with redundancy in the event of remote sense failure.
  • Input & output MOV surge suppressors.
  • Battery open alarm.
  • Reverse polarity protection diode.
  • Switchboard wire, UL VW-1.
  • NEMA 1 enclosure pre-treated using a 5-stage iron phosphate process with baked epoxy powder coating in ANSI 61 gray. 
  • Plug-in socket for removable memory card used for event logging and firmware upgrades.
  • Battery backed up real time clock for date and time stamping events.
  • Hindle Health System, intelligent self diagnostics.
  • Standard output filter per NEMA PE5.

Safety & Acceptance: 

  • Meets NEMA PE 5.
  • Third party agency approvals CSA FCC CE