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Majortel DC/DC Converter 130VDC to 24VDC 25A

Model: MTD24/25-130-1U

Input 100-300VDC, 2 Wire Terminal Input
Output 21-29VDC, 2x50A Output Breakers
Controller, 25A DC/DC Converter Module
Dimensions: 19”W x 10.38”D x 1.74”H, 1U, Approx. Shipping Weight: 28 lbs

Product Overview:
The Majortel 1U Converter system is a sleek, compact design that is ideal for applications requiring 24V or 48V dc power from a 130V dc power source. Typical installations include two compact, high density and reliable high frequency 25 amp converters, for a total system capacity configuration of 50A output in the single selected voltage for the application.
The converter system includes a simple Load 1 and Load 2 breaker distribution to support multiple output feed configurations and the MTS-Com centralized man-to-machine interface. The system power capacity is user configurable for 25A or 50A applications.

Standard Features:
  • 24V or 48V DC Output
  • Wide DC Input Range with User Selectable Output Voltage
  • Extended Temperature Operations; Up to 75°C
  • Programmable Alarms with Dry-Contacts
  • Integrated Remote Communication Package
  • Easy, Manageable Monitor Screen
  • Quick Check LED Indications
Model Input Voltage VDC Output Voltage VDC Output Power Availability Quantity
MTD24/25-130-1U 130VDC range 24VDC 25 Amps Request Lead time
  • $1,771.00
MTD24/50-130-1U 130VDC range 24VDC 50 Amps Request Lead time
  • $2,277.00
MTD48/25-130-1U 130VDC range 48VDC 25 Amps Request Lead time
  • $1,771.00
MTD48/50-130-1U 130VDC range 48VDC 50 Amps Request Lead time
  • $2,277.00

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