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FreedomHF Inverter/Charger 12VDC 1000W

Model: HF1000 (806-1020)

Input 12VDC, Output 115VAC
Includes 20A Charger and 30A Transfer Relay
Dimensions 4.2"H x 9.5"W x 15.5"L, Approx. Shipping Weight 10 lbs

Product Overview
The Freedom HF Inverter/Charger features modified sine wave output and is designed to operate entertainment systems and small appliances in boats, RV’s and trucks. The Freedom HF is available in three models: 1000 watts with a 20-amp charger, 1000 watts with a 55-amp charger and 1800 watts with a 40-amp charger.

Standard Features:
  • Quick-connect AC terminals on both AC input and output enables incredibly easy installation
  • Designed to power demanding loads such as microwave ovens, TVs, DVD players, small appliances and other electronic equipment
  • Multistage charging helps ensure that batteries are recharged quickly and efficiently
  • Ignition lockout feature helps to minimize battery drain
  • Detachable digital remote control panel display provides system information. (Cable included)
  • Automatic three-stage battery charger
  • Designed to be hardwired using quick-connect AC terminals or by connecting AC through GFCI receptacles (included)
  • Built-in 30-amp relay to automatically transfer between inverter power and incoming AC utility power

Technical Support Call: 1-800-670-0707

Model Input Voltage VDC Output Voltage VAC Others Availability
HF1000 (806-1020) 12VDC range 115VAC
  • Output Power: 1000W
Request Lead time
HF1055 (806-1055) 12VDC range 115VAC
  • Output Power: 1000W 55A Charger
Request Lead time
HF1055-EMS (806-1055-02) 12VDC range 115VAC
  • Output Power: 1000W EMS
Request Lead time
HF1800 (806-1840) 12VDC range 115VAC
  • Output Power: 1800W
Request Lead time
HF1800-EMS (806-1840-02) 12VDC range 115VAC
  • Output Power: 1800W EMS

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