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VTC1550 DC/DC Converter 100-400VDC to 12VDC 110A

Model: VTC1550-12

Input 100-400VDC
Output 12VDC @ 100A
Dimensions 16"L x 8.2"W x 4"H, Shipping Weight 20 lbs 

Product Overview:
VTC1550 DC/DC converter operates from 100 to 400 VDC to deliver up to 1500 watts of precision power to supply your 12, 24, or 48 volt electrical systems. Two positive and two negative output connections are provided for easy connection to multiple devices. Ideal for Utility & Steel Mill Applications.

Standard Features:
  • Simple Operation
  • Multiple stages of filtering for ultra-quiet operation
  • Power factor correction technology
  • Five LED indicators of operating condition and alarm states
  • Over load, over voltage, and over temperature protection
  • Ruggedized (X models)
  • Five year warranty 
Model Input Voltage VDC Output Voltage VDC Options Availability Quantity
VTC1550-12 130VDC range 12VDC - In stock
  • $1,424.00
VTC1550X-12 250VDC range 12VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp In stock
  • $1,576.00
VTC1550-24 130VDC range 24VDC - In stock
  • $1,424.00
VTC1550X-24 250VDC range 24VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp In stock
  • $1,576.00
VTC1550-48 130VDC range 48VDC - Request Lead time
  • $1,471.00
VTC1550X-48 250VDC range 48VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp In stock
  • $1,623.00