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MDS Steel Mill Inverters

MDS Heavy & Medium Duty Steel Mill Inverters. Heavy Duty Steel Mill Inverter INV-250 is a pure sine wave, NEMA 4 crane inverter designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, available in 1KVA, 3KVA & 5KVA models. Meduim Duty Major500, Major1000 & Major2000 are rugged DC/AC steel mill inverters, sine wave 250VDC to 115Vac/60Hz.

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Steel Mill Inverters
Steel Mill NEMA4 Inverters

Model  Selection Guide : 

 INV-250 Heavy Duty Steel Mill Inverter
 Model INV-250/3000SM  INV-250/5000SM 
 Output Power (W)  3,000 5,000
 Output Power (HP)  4.02 6.7
 Max starting current allowable (A) up to 40 seconds (at 120VAC) 48 79
 Maximum starting power (HP) Up to 40 seconds
7.5 12.3
 Output Voltage
 120/240 VAC
 Output Power in BTU/hr Up to 10,000
Up to 17,000
 Output Frequency
 Dimensions  (HxLxW)
777 x 381 x 476.5 mm ( 30.6 x 15 x 19 in)
156 lbs (70.7 kg)
195 lbs (88.4 kg)

 MAJOR Medium Duty Steel Mill Inverters  
 Models Major500-250 Major1000-250 Major2000-250
 Input Voltage  250Vdc nominal. 200-400Vdc operating range
 Input Current  3A max 6A max 13A max
 Output Voltage 115VAC/60Hz
 Input Connection Terminal block
 Output Connection NEMA 5-15R duplex receptacle  NEMA 5-15R duplex receptacle NEMA 5-20R duplex 
 Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 5.2” x 5.2” x 16” (132 x 132 x 407mm) 7.4” x 5.2” x 17” (187 x 132 x 432mm) 14” x 5.2” x 16” (355 x 132 x 406mm) 
 Weight 14 lbs (6.3 kg)
18 lbs (8 kg)  25 lbs (11 kg)