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BCA1050 Pro Battery Charger 12VDC 80A

Model: BCA1050PRO-12

Input 90-264VAC, 45-65Hz
Output 13.6VDC @ 80A
Digital Volt/Amp Meter
Dimensions 19.8"L x 8.2"W x 3.8"H, Shipping Weight 25 lbs

Product Overview:
The BCA1050 PRO provides up to 1000 watts of precision charging power to up to two banks of batteries at 12, 24, 32, 48 or 72 volts DC from a 90-264 volts AC power source. The output voltage is easily adjusted 1.0 volts above or below the standard output voltage for standard or deep cycle lead-acid, VRLA or Gel cell type battery.

Standard Features:
  • User selectable 2-stage or 3-stage charging profiles and temperature compensation
  • Heavy input and output filtering
  • LED status indicator panel 
  • Input circuit breaker
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Current limiting
  • Reverse polarity connection protection
  • Output short circuit shutdown with automatic recovery
  • Five year warranty
PRO Features:
  • Digital display of voltage and current
  • Dry contact output fail relay
Model Input Voltage VAC Output Voltage VDC Options Availability Quantity
BCA1050PRO-12 90-265VAC 12VDC - In stock
  • $1,433.00
BCA1050XPRO-12 90-265VAC 12VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp In stock
  • $1,589.00
BCA1050PRO-24 90-265VAC 24VDC - Request Lead time
  • $1,433.00
BCA1050XPRO-24 90-265VAC 24VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp Request Lead time
  • $1,589.00
BCA1050PRO-32 90-265VAC 32VDC - In stock
  • $1,433.00
BCA1050XPRO-32 90-265VAC 32VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp Request Lead time
  • $1,589.00
BCA1050PRO-48 90-265VAC 48VDC - Request Lead time
  • $1,481.00
BCA1050XPRO-48 90-265VAC 48VDC X-Rugged+Wide Temp Request Lead time
  • $1,636.00

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