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VTC310 DC/DC Converter 110VDC to 12VDC 20A

Model: VTC310-110-12

Input 100-140VDC
Output 13.6VDC @ 25/20A peak/continuous
Size: 9.6"L x 8.2"W x 3.5", Approx Shipping Weight 10 lbs

Product Overview:
The model VTC310 Voltage Converter supplies 12V, 24V or 48 VDC from a 110V, 220V or 300 VDC power source. Other output voltages up to 360 volts are also available by special order. The output voltage is easily adjusted 1.0 volts above or below the standard output voltage to accommodate special requirements.

Standard Features:
  • Fully isolated design
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Audible & visual indicators for constant current, low input voltage, low output voltage & over-temperature
  • Over-temperature shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Output over voltage crowbar
  • Cycle by cycle current limiting
  • Reverse input protection
  • Transient Voltage Suppression
  • Ultra-quiet low EMI operation
  • Dry contact output fail relay
  • Three year warranty
Model Input Voltage VDC Output Voltage VDC Other(s) Availability Quantity
VTC310-110-12 130VDC range 12VDC
  • Options: -
Not available  
  • $478.00
VTC310-110-24 130VDC range 24VDC
  • Options: -
Not available  
  • $478.00
VTC310-110-48 130VDC range 48VDC
  • Options: -
Not available  
  • $526.00
VTC310-250-12 250VDC range 12VDC
  • Options: -
Not available  
  • $668.00
VTC310-250-24 250VDC range 24VDC
  • Options: -
In stock
  • $668.00

    15% discount
VTC310-250-48 250VDC range 48VDC
  • Options: -
Not available  
  • $716.00

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