PRO Series Inverter XM 1000/1800 by Xantrex

pro series inverter xm 1000-18000 series inverters xantrex

Versatile perfomance Inverter

XM 1000W & XM 1800W, 120 Vac / 60 Hz

Designed for RV and marine electrical systems that already have a battery charger or generator  installed, Xantrex PRO Series Inverter XM 1000/1800 deliver modified sine wave power for small appliances, TVs, and other onboard electronics from a battery bank. They are the perfect complement to generators when shore power is unavailable, to quietly and efficiently provide household power  when needed.

The Xantrex PRO Series Inverter design is both user friendly and versatile. These inverters feature a detachable digital remote control to display precise inverter, AC source and battery status information from one convenient location. A built-in transfer switch automatically detects when generator or shore power status changes to ensure power is always available.

Both XM 1000 and 1800 models are ideal for demanding RV and marine conditions. They meet FCC Class B regulations to eliminate interference potential with other electronics, while UL 458 certification means they meet strict RV and marine safety standards. Versatile enough to be mounted either horizontally or vertically, these inverters can be easily installed to fit into any compartment. Conformal coated boards also minimize the chance of problems from moist operating conditions.

Models Part number Input voltage AC output
XM 1000 806-1010 12V GFCI and/or Hardwire
XM 1800 806-1810 12V GFCI and/or Hardwire
Accessories Part number
XM 1000 remote control panel 808-7122
XM 1800 remote control panel 808-7134
XM 25ft remote cable assembly 806-1010-25

Performance features of the PRO Series Inverter XM 1000/1800:

  • 1000 / 1800W inverter easily powers TVs, small appliances, and other electronics
  • Built-in 15A circuit breaker on AC pass-through
  • Up to 15A/20A pass through for hardwired loads for XM1000/XM1800 respectively
  • Digital remote control displays power output, AC source and battery voltage
  • Detachable remote control can be mounted wherever convenient
  • Conformal coated electronics provide moisture resistance
  • Designed to be hard-wired using a terminal strip or by connecting AC through a GFCI receptacle (included)

XM detachable remote

Detachable remote panel for convenient system status monitoring

Protection Features

  • Battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Ground fault protection


  • Recreational vehicles
  • Marine
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Work vehicles
  • Buses / coaches
  • Specialty vehicles


Electrical Specifications
XM 1000 XM 1800
Output power (continuous) 1000 W 1800W
Surge rating 2000 W 3600 W
Output current (continuous) 8.3 A 15.0 A
Output voltage range 115 V +/- 10 V 115 V +/- 10 V
Output frequency regulation 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Output wave form Modified sine wave Modified sine wave
Peak efficiency 88% 88%
No-load input power (producing output voltage) <6W <6W
Power draw in standby mode < 2 W < 2 W
Input operating voltage range 11.0 - 15.5 Vdc 11.0 - 15.5 Vdc
Transfer relay rating 15 A 20 A
Transfer time 40 ms 40 ms
  General Specifications
XM 1000 XM 1800
Operating temperature range 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
Storage temperature range -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
AC receptables 2
Recommended DC fuse 150 A 250 A
Unit weight 8.0 lb (3.6 kg) 10.6 lb (4.8 kg)
Unit dimensions (HxWxL) 4.0 x 8.3 x 12.9“ (103 x 211 x 329 mm)
Warranty One year

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