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ICT distribution series

Remote Monitoring and Control Distribution

ICT Distribution Series 2 & Distribution Series 3, single and dual DC power Distribution Panels designed to be used in 12, 24 or 48VDC applications.

– Distribution Series 2:

ICT Distribution Series 2 1RU DC load distribution panels allow power to be distributed to 12 output channels. Models are available for 12, 24 or 48 volt DC systems. Intelligent and Broadband models include ICTʼs industry leading TCP/IP Ethernet management software and easy to use graphical user interface. Models are available with remote power control of individual outputs to allow for load shutdown or powercycling over Ethernet.

  • Features:
    • 5 digital alarm sensor contact inputs for site monitoring and reporting of alarms such as door, water, and smoke detectors.
    • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c support.
    • Monitoring and alarm reporting of each output for improved pinpointing of issues with connected loads.
    • Enhanced SSL support provides robust security as well as support for webmail applications.
    • Multiple email accounts can be set up to receive alarm messages.
    • Remote Power Control models will restore to previously saved settings after a power loss (IRC/BRC models).
    • Each output features independently adjustable load-shed settings  (IRC/BRC models).
    • Smart phone optimized web page makes monitoring and controlling each output from a mobile device a breeze.
    • A fuse-ignore feature prevents nuisance alarms if an unused output does not have a fuse installed (I/IRC models).
    • Three low-profile JCASE fuses rated up to 40A each (I/IRC models).
    • Ease of Installation and use
    • 2 year warranty
    • Remote monitoring and power control  over Ethernet

– Distribution Series 3:

The ICT Distribution Series 3 provides independent dual bus capability for redundant systems or mixed-voltage sites. Each independent bus has six outputs rated at up to 25 amps max (at 12/24VDC), or 15 amps max (at 48VDC). Standard models are available for unmanaged applications, while Intelligent models include ICTʼs industry leading TCP/IP remote management and power control features.

  • Features:
    • 200A peak system current rating / 100A per bus
    • Six outputs per bus
    • Independent Form C alarm contacts for each bus Choice of fuse or breaker protected models
    • 80 volt rated FKS ATO style fuses or high-quality, reliable hydraulic/magnetic breakers support 12, 24 and 48VDC.
    • One panel supports mixed voltages and polarities  (provided grounds are common)
    • -30 to +60C operating temperature range
    • Front panel LED indicators for fuse status (fuse models)
    • 2 year warranty
  • Intelligent Model Features :
    • TCP/IP remote management and power control of system and individual outputs
    • On-board web server means no software to maintain Extremely easy to use Graphical User Interface
    • Remote firmware update capability
    • HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP protocols supported
    • Monitoring and alarm reporting of each output for pinpointing of issues with connected loads
    • Alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts
    • Each output has adjustable load-shed settings
    • Network Watchdog feature will ping a pre-determined I.P. address and power-cycle connected device if not answered Five digital inputs for site monitoring sensors
    • Data logging


- Distribution Series 2
  ICT180S-12I ICT180S-12B ICT180S-12IRC ICT180S-12BRC ICT180S-12BRCP
Nominal Application Voltage 12 and 24VDC - 48VDC 12 and 24VDC - 48VDC +48VDC
Operating Voltage Range 10 to 30VDC - 10 to 60VDC 10 to 30VDC - 10 to 60VDC +10 to 60VDC
Panel Current Rating (Peak) 180A
Panel Current Rating (Continuous) 150A
Number of ATO Fused DC Outputs 9  - 9 -  -
ATO Fuse Rating (Max) 25A (1)(2)  - 25A (1)(2)  -  -
Number of JCASE Fused Outputs 3 3
JCASE Fuse Ratings (Max) 40A (1)(2) 40A (1)(2)  -  -
Number of GMT Fused Outputs  - 12 12 12
GMT Fuse Rating (Max)  - 15A (1)(3) 15A (1)(3) 15A (1)(3)
- Distribution Series 3
  ICT200DF-12 ICT200DB-12 ICT200DF-12IRC ICT200DB-12IRC
Application Voltage (pos or neg ground) 12, 24, 48VDC
System Current Rating  (peak/cont) 200A/160A
Bus Current Rating (peak/cont) 100A/80A
Number of Outputs per bus 6
Operating Voltage Range 10-60VDC 10-60VDC 10-60VDC 10-60VDC
Number of ATO Fused DC Outputs 12 - 12 -
ATO Max Fuse Rating (12,24V/48V) 25A(1)(2) - 25A (1)(2) -
Number of Breaker Outputs - 12 - 12
Max Breaker Ratings (12,24V/48V) - 25A/15A (1)(2) - 25A/15A  (1)(2)

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