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ISP DC/DC Converter 42-90VDC to 12VDC 6A

Model: 72-12-6ISP

Input 42-90 VDC
Output 13.6 VDC, 6/6 Amp Peak/Continuous
Dimensions 4.25"H x 5.9"W x 7.7"D, Weight 5 lbs

Product Overview
ISP Series offer the benefits of an isolated converter plus protection against line transients and voltage spikes typically caused by large DC motors and switching transients often encountered on forklifts, locomotives and light rail. A special circuit clamps input spikes to a safe level, protecting both the converter and the powered equipment.
This product series is further enhanced with extra rugged construction of case and internal components for severe vibration applications.

Standard Features : 
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Input fuse
  • Output fuse
  • Current limiting, short circuit proof output
  • Automatic resetting thermal shutdown
  • Input transient protection - ISP Series only
  • High/low input voltage shutdown
  • Polyurethane conformal coating on PC board
  • Power “ON” light
  • On/Off switch
Model Input Voltage VDC Output Voltage VDC Output Power Availability Quantity
72-12-6ISP 72VDC range 12VDC 6 Amps Discontinued  
72-24-3ISP 72VDC range 24VDC 3 Amps Discontinued  
72-12-18ISP 72VDC range 12VDC 10 Amps Discontinued  
72-24-9ISP 72VDC range 24VDC 5 Amps Discontinued  
36-12-6ISP 20-60VDC 12VDC 6 Amps Discontinued  
36-24-3ISP 20-60VDC 24VDC 3 Amps Discontinued  
36-12-18ISP 20-60VDC 12VDC 10 Amps Discontinued  
36-24-9ISP 20-60VDC 24VDC 5 Amps Discontinued  
36-12-35ISP 20-60VDC 12VDC 20 Amps Discontinued  
110-12-18ISP 130VDC range 12VDC 10 Amps Discontinued  
110-24-9ISP 130VDC range 24VDC 5 Amps Discontinued  

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