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ICT DC/DC Converters

ICT Power DC/DC Converters include: Isolated 2, for mobile or fixed site applications; Isolated 2 for Utility applications where voltage conversion and isolation are required. Industrial Series, non-isolated converters for negative ground applications,  and Site Converter, high efficiency fully isolated DC converters with wide ranging input to 12 or 24 VDC output. 

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Model Selection Guide:

 ICT Isolated DC/DC Converters
 Model  Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
 ICT1212-12AI2 11-18VDC 12VDC   12 Amps
 ICT1212-35AI2 11-18VDC
12VDC  35 Amps 
 ICT1224-10AI2 11-18VDC  24VDC  10 Amps
 ICT1224-20AI2 11-18VDC 24VDC  20 Amps
 ICT103048-5AI2 11-30VDC 48VDC 5 Amps
 ICT206012-12AI2 20-60VDC 12VDC 12 Amps
 ICT206012-20AI2 20-60VDC 12VDC  20 Amps 
 ICT206012-35AI2 20-60VDC  12VDC    35 Amps 
 ICT206024-10AI2 20-60VDC 24VDC  10 Amps 
 ICT206024-20AI2 20-60VDC 24VDC  20 Amps 
5 Amps
 ICT206012-70AI2 Rackmount 20-60VDC  12VDC  70 Amps 
 ICT206012-100AI2 Rackmount 20-60VDC 12VDC  100 Amps 
 ICT206024-35AI2 Rackmount 20-60VDC  24VDC 35 Amps 
 ICT206024-50AI2 Rackmount 20-60VDC  24VDC 50 Amps 
 ICT9016012-20AI2 90-160VDC  12VDC 20 Amps 
24VDC 10 Amps
48VDC 5 Amps

 ICT Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters
 Model  Input Voltage
Output Voltage Output Current
20-30VDC 12VDC 10 Amps
20-30VDC 12VDC 15 Amps
20-30VDC 12VDC 20 Amps
 ICT2412-30A 20-30VDC 12VDC 30 Amps
 ICT2412-40A 20-30VDC 12VDC 40 Amps
     Model  Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
     ICT1212-12AI2  12VDC 12VDC   12 Amps
     ICT1212-35AI2 12VDC
    12VDC  35 Amps 
     ICT1224-10AI2 12VDC  24VDC   10 Amps
     ICT1224-20AI2 12VDC 24VDC  20 Amps
     ICT103048-5AI2 12VDC 48VDC 5 Amps
     ICT206012-12AI2 24VDC 12VDC 12 Amps
     ICT206012-20AI2  24VDC 12VDC  20 Amps 
     ICT206024-10AI2  24VDC 24VDC  10 Amps 
     ICT206024-20AI2  24VDC 24VDC  20 Amps 
     ICT206012-35AI2  24VDC 12VDC  35 Amps 
     ICT9016012-20AI2 130VDC range   12VDC 20 Amps 
    130VDC range
     24VDC 10 Amps