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Heavy Duty Series 24VDC Power Supply 10A

Model: 115-24-10

Nominal Input 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output 24.5 VDC, 10/4 Amp Peak/Continuous
Dimensions 5.7"H x 4.8"W x 16.3"D, Weight 20 lbs

Product Overview
Newmar Heavy Duty Series Power Supplies are super-rugged DC supplies ideal for powering 12 and 24 volt communication equipment in base stations, remote sites and mobile communication applications where reliability is essential.

Standard Features : 
  • Excellent Regulation and Ripple Spec: Output voltage maintained within 1% under all line and load conditions within rating.
  • Polyurethane conformal coated PC board and corrosion resistant heavy duty aluminum case with integral shock mounts assures survival in hostile environments.
  • Heat generated by semi-conductors is extracted and dissipated by large heat sink fins for cool operation.
  • Protection: overvoltage, current limit; (set @ 105% of intermittent rating), thermal overload and input/output fusing.
  • Thermally activated cooling fan on “CD” units.
Model Input Voltage VAC Output Voltage VDC Others Availability
115-12-8 90-265VAC 12VDC
  • Output Power: 5 Amps
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115-12-20A 90-265VAC 12VDC
  • Output Power: 8 Amps
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115-12-35CD 90-265VAC 12VDC
  • Output Power: 35 Amps
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115-24-10 90-265VAC 12VDC
  • Output Power: 4 Amps
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115-24-18CD 90-265VAC 24VDC
  • Output Power: 18 Amps
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115-24-35CD 90-265VAC 24VDC
  • Output Power: 35 Amps
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Comm Series Power Supply 24VDC 10A
  • $175.00
  • Availability: In stock