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Convertidor CC/CC Montable en rack 48VCC a 12VCC 30A

Código: 48-12-30RM

Input 40-60 VDC @ 12 Amps
Output 13.6 VDC @ 30 Amps Continuous
Dimensions 3.5"H x 19/23"W x 14"D, Weight 10 lbs

Product Overview
Isolated Rackmount DC/DC Converter for communication sites that provides excellent voltage regulation, low noise, and high efficiency voltage conversion. Reliable under continuous duty operation and high ambient temperatures.

Standard Features : 
  • 48, 24 volt inputs; 12, 24 volt outputs; positive, negative or floating ground
  • Input/Output chassis isolation – 250 VDC
  • 400 watt output
  • Rated for continuous duty at full load
  • Excellent regulation under all line/load conditions
  • Low ripple provides noise free output
  • High efficiency – 87% typical
  • Easily adapts to both 19" and 23" racks, center mount (6" from front)
  • Output volt and ammeter
  • Output voltage adjustment on front panel
  • Low profile – occupies two RU (one RU space above and below recommended for cooling)
Código Voltaje de entrada VCC Voltaje de salida VCC Potencia de salida Disponibilidad Cantidad
48-12-30RM 48VDC range 12VDC 30 Amps Solicitar tiempo de espera  
48-24-15RM 48VDC range 24VDC 15 Amps Solicitar tiempo de espera  
24-48-8RM 24VDC range 48VDC 8 Amps Solicitar tiempo de espera