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Best Battery Selector 300VDC 50A

Código: EJ5144-20

300VDC, 50A
Steering Diode Assembly
NEMA 1 Style 586 Enclosure

Product Overview:
The Best Battery Selector is a steering diode interconnection device that provides battery/charger protection and redundancy where two dc power sources are connected to facility loads. The Best Battery Selector is a passive device which requires no user intervention or mechanical operation. 

Standard Features:
  • Solid state design using diodes mounted on aluminum heat sinks for heat dissipation
  • Complete diode assembly housed in rugged a NEMA Type-1 carbon steel enclosure with an ANSI 61 gray epoxy powder-coat finish
  • Convection cooled
  • Automatic operation with no maintenance required
  • 5-Year Warranty
Código Disponibilidad
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