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DC to AC Sine Wave Inverter for AC Powered Wireless Communications Equipment

The ICT Site Inverter 300 Series is a 1RU true sine wave inverter. Designed to convert your siteʼs 12, 24, or 48 volt DC power into 300 watts of high quality 115 volt AC power. It can be mounted in a 19 inch equipment rack at communications sites.

The ICT Site Inverter provides 300 watts, or 2.6 amps, of true sine wave output with extremely low harmonic distortion and low idle current draw. The DC inputs, AC outlets and grounding stud are all located on the back of the inverter, close to where the wiring connections are.

ICT Site Inverters are low profile, high performance sine-wave inverter that converts DC energy from your battery source into 300 watts of utility grade power for site equipment that requires AC electricity, such as radio links, multiplexers, routers, or digital video recorders. ICT inverters provide extremely low harmonic distortion and high efficiency, meaning that your equipment receivesextremely quiet, high quality power.

Up to three ICT Site Inverters can be mounted in a single 1RU 19 inch rack shelf, to provide almost 1kW of power and six AC outlets in an ultra-compact, space saving design.

With proven ICT quality and reliability designed in, and manufactured in North America by ICT, the Site Inverter 300 Series provides unsurpassed functionality, scalability, and peace of mind for providing AC power at your DC-powered communications sites.

Feature Highlights of the Site Inverter 300 Series

  • 12, 24, or 48 VDC input
  • 300 watts / 2.6 amps output power
  • True sine wave output
  • 90% efficiency
  • Low idle current draw
  • Optional 1RU rack mount kit (ICT-RMK3)
  • Optional wall mount bracket (ICT-SWB)

A Scalable Solution:

  • The ICT Site Inverter is ideal to power AC components at your DC communications site.
  • The scalability of the Site Inverter 300 means that you can match the inverter system size to your requirements. Up to 900 watts (non-parallel) and six AC outlets. You can start with a single inverter, and add one or two more at any time in the future, without giving up additional rack space.

Performance and Flexibility

  • The ICT Site Inverter 300 Series provides 300 watts of true sine wave AC power.
  • Designed to FCC Class B spec, with extremely low harmonic distortion and high quality pure sine wave output.
  • Ideal for communications site equipment. The inverter can handle high starting surges, and will provide its full output power up to 60 degrees C.
  • Optional accessories include:  a 1RU 19” rack mount kit, a wall mount bracket for a single inverter , and a kit with two front auxiliary outlets for front AC power.


  • Carefully designed to eliminate internal wiring and connections that can fail.
  • Built-in protection features protect the inverter from most abnormal conditions. The brushless, ball bearing fan pulls in cool air from the front, so no extra clearance is required around the unit.
  • Developed and manufactured in North America by ICT
  • ICT perfoms a test to each unit before leaving the factory.
  • Two-year warranty.

Energy Saving Design

  • One of the highest efficiency designs available at this power level, and lowest idle current draw ratings.
    • Thermally controlled fan for extra cooling requirements.


  ICT300-12SNV ICT300-24SNV ICT300-48SNV
AC Output Voltage 120VAC  (+/- 5V)
AC Output Frequency 60Hz  (+/- 0.05%)
Total Harmonic Distortion < 3% THD
Continuous Output Power (single inverter)   300 Watts / 2.6 Amps
Maximum Surge Power (single inverter)   600 Watts (for 3 seconds)
Efficiency (full load) 91% 93%
No-load power consumption 4 Watts
Input Voltage Range 10.5 - 16.0VDC 21.0 - 32.0VDC 42.0 - 64.0VDC
Operating Temperature -30 C to +60 C with no derating
Dimensions L x W x H (inches) 8.6 x 5.2 x 1.71
Status Indicators Front Panel LED’s for AC Status and Fault Conditions
Weight (lbs/kg) 2.2 lbs

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