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Steel Mill Inverter Update

May 07, 2018 | Product News,

Wider input range and a new 5kW model.

The medium duty Major Series family of crane inverters has been improved. It now features 200 to 400Vdc of input voltage instead of 200 to 300Vdc offered by the previous versions.
The new Major500-250, Major1000-250 & Major2000-250  have a wider input range to accommodate the steel mill environment.

New Steel Mill Inverters INV-250/5000-SM

We’ve also launched a new model of steel mill heavy duty power inverter. The new INV-250/5000-SM provides 5,000W of output power.

The unit was developed to accommodate higher surge demands in cranes and steel mills. The new heavy-duty INV-250/5000 inverter is a NEMA 4 enclosure and it is specially designed to operate in harsh environments.

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